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Now control every device on your network with our Premium mobile device management solutions. With these services, you can manage mobile devices such as mobile phones, laptops, & tablets. Now increase the employee's productivity of your organization by giving them access to a variety of applications.

You can secure and manage all the activities of your devices by using a user-friendly web-based dashboard.

Location, reporting setup, monitoring, device re-assignment, device testing, policy changing, and other features of our services are available according to your requirement.

Here is what you need to know about our MDM services!

Our MDM (Mobile Device Management) improves efficiency, productivity, security, and maintenance of your devices. 

These services increase your visibility over the activities of the IoT devices. It also provides convenience in managing multiple access and rights in a secured way. 

These services assure you that all the devices connected to your network are being used appropriately in a cost-effective manner. Our fully scalable services also include remote device management solutions 24/7.

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Our Mobile device management services give your employees the sense of protection by safeguarding your sensitive information.


Email management

Our device email management services include email integration for multiple applications, password authentication for email accounts, loss prevention for the data with security addition.


Device management

Our device management services take care of device enrollment to ensure your device is registered with your organization. Features of our device management services include policies, permissions, logging, reporting, and security restrictions.


Security management

The functionality of our security management services are SSL encryption, user management account restrictions, network access security & control, enrollment restrictions, and other authentication management features.

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