Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Transform your business through Windows to AWS Migration and Modernization.

As an AWS-certified Advanced Consulting Partner, you can count on us to help you with your journey to the cloud. Since we've been working with Windows workloads for years, we can offer the right skills at a reasonable price to help customers reach their goals. Whether it's Windows migration or modernization, you can count on us to help you solve the problem and increase your business's ROI considerably.

Breeze End Technology offers a specialized team of professionals adept in automating management solutions for Windows workloads running on servers per corporate needs and goals..

Breeze End Technology has proficiency, experience, and an expansive team of Cloud experts that help organizations modernize and migrate their Microsoft Applications & Windows Workload on AWS Cloud. With over a decade of experience in Microsoft & Windows workload with 120+ unique customers Infra up-gradation, 1000+ VM with 400+ servers, managed through our 24X7 NOC support..