Cloud Services

Cloud services at it’s best which are beyond your expectations.

We are here to provide you with innovative cloud services and 24/7 support. As cloud service providers we bring for you multiple cloud solutions, ranging from cloud consulting services to cloud data recovery services.

In the field of cloud, we are providing the following services:

  • Cloud consulting services
  • Cloud Communication solutions
  • Microsoft Azure Solutions
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business
  • Hosted Windows Desktop
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange 
  • MAIL-VAULT™ Email Archiving
  • Online data backup solutions
  • Cloud-based Data Archiving
  • Disaster Recovery in the Cloud
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Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services like storage, networking, databases over the internet. We are providing affordable and user-friendly cloud consulting services for small to large organizations.

Our professional cloud services reduce your maintenance cost and increase overall productivity. We provide efficient, scalable, and accessible IT solutions, with security management, additional data backups, software updates handling and other services for your security.

Direct commercial and technical support and consultancy are available at cost-effective rates for both on-site and remote guidance at Breez End Techs. In case of any queries, information, and support, contact our friendly team for assistance.

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Cloud Communication

Enterprise organizations can not rely on wired telecommunication channels anymore because of their big data. That’s why most enterprising businesses are shifting towards cloud communication.

Our experienced team provides high-quality cloud communication services that offer mobility, flexibility, redundancy, scalability, remote connectivity, and other benefits.

Our cloud communication services avoid power outages and other system interruptions to provide smooth communication between you and your customers.

We host, manage, and maintain cloud communication methods such as voice, chat, video, and email. Fax services, text messaging, voice broadcasting, call center, and other applications can be fulfilled by utilizing our cloud communication.

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Microsoft Azure Solutions

Microsoft's cloud computing services are referred to as Microsoft Azure. Our managed azure services help you increase profitability and deeper engagement with your customers.

We provide fully managed cloud services according to your needs and requirements. Solutions for hybrid clouds are also available. If you want to add other services to your existing infrastructure, we can implement hybrid cloud technologies. Services from consultation to the implementation phase are available 24 hrs at Breeze End Technology to give a seamless experience.

Our specialist provides cost-effective Microsoft Azure services, solutions, & support that enhance the overall productivity of your IT systems.

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Microsoft Office 365 Business

Our expert team provides powerful analytics and strategic support related to Microsoft Office 365 and Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 is offering multiple applications such as easy access to files anywhere for business, house, etc. For communication, skype and outlook are available for your business meetings and conference calls.

These and many other commercial and financial benefits are the reason that Microsoft 365 is fulfilling your business needs.

For a smooth transition, we provide solutions and guidance for your IT staff. Contact our customer-friendly team in case of any query related to office 365 for your business.

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Hosted Windows Desktop

A virtual hosted windows desktop sends your windows & desktop applications to the cloud. The benefit of this service is that you can access your desktop from anywhere in the world.

Our virtual hosted desktops provide flexibility and scalability, which is helpful for the smart growth of businesses and organizations. Our support and solution also reduce the overall cost of management and maintenance.

We provide protected, secure, reliable, & cost-effective IT and cloud services (SSL encrypted). Redundancy, backup for virtual machines, security are the key characteristics of our hosted desktop services.

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Hosted Microsoft exchange

For business use, hosted Microsoft exchange helps access your emails anywhere in the world, by your PCs, mobile, tablets, and laptops. It replaces your traditional email server with a cloud-based server.

Data backup, hosted skype for business, antivirus security, outlook web access, & calendar sharing are some of the most prominent features of using hosted Microsoft exchange.

We manage and maintain our cloud server and are available 24 hrs to serve our customers. Our skilled team of professionals provides you the improved, secured, reliable services and support through telephone and by taking remote access.

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MAIL-VAULT™ Email Archiving

Mail-Vault holds more importance, as this email archiving provides backup of your emails for the whole company into a single database. It allows email archiving and email recovery to be simple and effective.

We provide efficient cloud-based email archiving solutions to store your big email data at a very reasonable price. Our Multi-vault archive recovery easily integrates with Microsoft Exchange, Google apps, and other systems.

Our email archiving solutions and services improve productivity, reliability. It also provides you the ease of email storage, management and reduces your overall cost.

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Online Data Backup

We are providing secure, affordable, and effective cloud data backup. You can easily access your backup data from any place around the world.

Our cloud backup protects against malware and can be rapidly scaled up and down. This cloud backup gives rapid access to your desired documents and files.

We provide backup for your devices such as desktops and laptops for quick access to your folders, .psd files, and other informational data. Our customer’s security is our top priority. That is why our backup solutions are highly secured and safe. Contact our certified team to get reliable and affordable cloud backup solutions.

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Cloud-based Data Archiving

Nowadays, the data is growing at the maximum speed & that’s where the importance of cloud-based data archiving comes. Our cloud-based data archiving solutions provide multiple benefits that include low maintenance and operational cost. It also prevents data loss and increases security by preventing cyber-security attacks.

We are providing the solutions that will help you to meet your business requirements. Our cloud-based data archiving solutions help you to reduce your data storage costs. It converts all your large bundle of data over the cloud. Breeze End Technology is known for providing reliable, durable, and cost-effective cloud archiving solutions & support.

No worries for the lost data!

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

We are providing the finest quality disaster recovery services in the cloud to minimize the loss. Data can be lost due to various factors like cyber-attack, natural disasters, and other phenomenons. Disaster recovery in the cloud is also known as DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service).

Disaster recovery as a service is preferable as compared to prepare your disaster recovery solution. Our disaster recovery services take less time and cost you a small amount of money.

Our skilled team has been working for years in this field. We are ready to provide you 24/7 consultation and implementation services for disaster recovery in the cloud.

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